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Home-rolling with your MTS-Roller is a great way to simply boost your results and achieve or maintain optimal skin health.

Dermal Roller System effectively gradually removes the skin-deep toxins/ waste & promotes the skin metabolism

Other benefits:

  1. Does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin
  2. Establishes a direct transportation between skin and skin products
  3. Improves the ability of wound healing and anti-aging
  4. No side effects, safe and reliable
  5. Simple in operation

DermaRoller System assists in the treatment of:

  • Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Improve skin colour and texture
  • Cosmetical product infusion
  • Skin ageing and fine lines/ wrinkles fading
  • Pigmentation and freckles
  • Acne pits / pimples / enlarged pores
  • Body stretch marks
  • Hair Grow

How to Roll?

There will be some mild redness, so most people prefer to roll at night and allow this to subside overnight.

  1. Pour Isopropyl Alcohol (this can be purchased from the supermarket or pharmacy) over the head of your MTS-Roller and then rinse with hot running water. Gently shake your MTS-Roller dry and leave it in its protective case while you cleanse your skin. Do not seal the case.
  2. Double cleanse with a pure cleanser (free from nasties) to remove all traces of makeup & dirt and dry with a clean towel. Remember, you are creating micro-channels in your skin – so this is a very important step! We recommend the Dermaviduals Cleansing Gel or Total Cleansing Cream.
  3. Mentally divide your face into sections, eg: forehead, nose, cheeks, mouth area and neck.
  4. Apply the roller onto your skin with the same amount of gentle pressure on the skin throughout, holding it as you would a pen. Select an area and roll repeatedly, using short strokes, back and forth in short bursts, as opposed to long, steady strokes. Be sure to lift the roller frequently or change direction to avoid the needles re-entering the skin with each stroke in the same place. Move onto the next section once a few short bursts have been completed back & forth – diagonally, up & down and side to side.
  5. The eye area requires slower, deliberate strokes to avoid accidental injury to the eye. Pull the skin below the eye down, so as to position it over the bone. A lighter style of rolling is recommended. Do not roll over your eyelids.
  6. Do not apply any skincare or makeup to your skin until the next day. An Epi nouvelle+ naturelle facial mask ($36.20 available for purchasing from our shop) can be applied after you roll – it’s perfect to calm the inflammation!
  7. After you have finished your home rolling, immediately pour Isopropyl Alcohol over the head of your MTS-Roller and rinse with hot running water. Gently shake your MTS-Roller dry and leave it in its protective case. Do not seal the case until your MTS-Roller is completely dry.